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Energy lies at the heart of all Mechanical and Electrical installations in buildings and industries. Intelligent design and utilization of the technical components leads to sustainable business. EC&D can support a wide variety of energy users to tap into these benefits.

Real Estate Asset Managers need to develop strategies and implementation plans to optimize the return for their investment, maximize the value of their property and reduce operating costs.

Public sector clients who wish to renovate their facilities with innovative financial solutions typically engage in Energy Performance Contracting with ESCOs. They and their financing providers need, however, to understand the complex technical and contractual structures in order to fully reap the benefits with minimum risks.


Companies face strict cost reduction targets. An innovative way to support these targets is via energy consumption reduction. Often, systems are not properly used, defective technologies cause waste, and opportunities are often ignored in the day-to-day focus on core activities. A comprehensive plan with targeted actions is an effective way to achieve the desired cost reductions.

In all cases, the support of a product-independent energy advisor with a deep knowledge of the facilities becomes an invaluable tool to meet targets, and deliver results on time and on budget. 

Energy Consulting